Debian bug reports I've contributed to

This page lists most of the bug reports that I've contributed to. That contribution could be reporting the bug, supplying a fix, or simply supplying additional information about it.


Bug list

#1022208 direnv
Missing manpage direnv.toml(1)
#962921 apticron
Use of tempfile(1) produces a warning message
#961690 less
Using lessfile and latest debianutils results in a deprecation warning
#934661 python3-fava
Fails to start with ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''
#896644 openmpi-bin
postinst script fails
#867849 dovecot-core
Upgrade attempts to recreate dovecot user and fails when adduser reports the user already exists
#848180 src:qtbase-opensource-src
setWindowTitle() includes application name in window title when configured not to do so
#770105 php5-common
sed call in cron script fails with "invalid opdtion -- 'z'"
Alternatives broken for long time during upgrade from zsh4 to zsh5
#685818 shorewall
Unrelated env var causes failure
#684619 nullmailer
Debconf prompts for info that might contain password, saves to world-readable file (CVE-2013-4223)
#601426 blueproximity
no built-in options for kde screen locker
#488280 postgresql-common
Undefined variable used in pg_ctlcluster error messages
#406643 mailscanner
Errors from cron.daily script with MTA other than exim
#401130 enigma
Images for manual aren't included
#401128 enigma
Mismatch of state.xml and enigma.score
#395842 libtagc0-ruby1.8
Missing dependency on libtagc0
#394706 grub2
update-grub generates incorrect entries for Xen hypervisor
#387678 dupload
Change "Recommends: ssh" to ssh-client
#385487 maildrop
NEWS.Debian file not included in binary package
#356075 xcolorsel
Upgrade fails if /usr/doc is a symlink to /usr/share/doc
#354660 tedia2sql
Dies if foreign key constraint refers to non-primary key field
#353448 listarchives
Please add a link to the message-id search page
#344414 vim-runtime
vimtutor moving from -common to -runtime causes problems
#344042 ruby1.8
YAML loading of quoted symbols is broken
#343616 postgresql-client-8.1
Incorrect expansion of %[ and %] in prompts
#343402 vim-runtime
JavaScript syntax highlighting broken
#343128 libreadline5
%[ and %] broken in psql
#342101 apt-proxy
Map backends to virtual http-server
#340461 libcommandline-ruby1.8
Postinst fails when calling install-docs
#336612 yaird
Fails to parse fstab
#289809 ruby1.8
TypeError trying to execute irb
#214125 checksecurity
check-setuid uses obsolete diff -0
#212650 checksecurity
Bashisms prevent running when /bin/sh is dash
#212282 libruby1.8
rbconfig.rb: get exception of "SystemStackError" on arm & powerpc

I supplied additional information about when this problem occurred, which I believe helped in getting the issue fixed. See messages #30 and #35 in the bug report.

#211698 libdevel-logger-ruby
Dependency package depends only on itself
Painfully slow when zoom < 100%
#198416 pilot-link
postinst replaces correct /dev/pilot symlink with incorrect one
Recompilation with g++ v3
#193749 smokeping
Can't save addresses for dynamic-ip hosts
#193697 smokeping
Mailing of agent scripts to dynamic hosts is broken
missing depends on xclass0
#179844 rubymagick
Uninstallable in sid
#179445 mutt
mutt-1.5.3i: charset= ignored when Content-Type != text/plain w/ base64
#177047 twiki
Searching broke with latest grep package
#176016 tkvnc
Shouldn't insist on xvncviewer if xtightvncviewer is installed
#169296 mol-drivers-macos
Unlisted conflict with older versions of mol
#166376 xclass0
Package name doesn't follow convention, includes too many files
#166373 xclass-dev
Include files in wrong place, no .so symlink, bashism
#163679 laptop-net
Initial install fails if not managed by debconf
#157217 python2.1-logging
postinst attempts to compile for python2.2
#152284 adns
Missing build-dep on netbase causes tests to fail
#145596 gtkpbbuttons
Should depend on pbbuttonsd
#145594 pbbuttonsd
restart option of init script is broken
#145028 hotkeys
bashism prevents display of splash screen when /bin/sh is ash
#143397 dietlibc
#143042 frozen-bubble
sound broken on powerpc
#139546 dhcp3-client
Using run-parts for hooks breaks functionality
Misquoting in manpage
#128093 mol-modules-source
Packages generated with kernel-package should recommend the associated kernel
#127987 hotkeys
Linked against libxml and libxml2
#127397 debarchiver
postinst,postrm scripts don't call newaliases
#127395 bind9-host
undeclared conflict with host package
#127025 apt-file
Should default to host architecture
#126228 cronosii
cronosii broken on powerpc
#123015 cooledit
Segfault on startup
#121459 microwindows
microwindows doesn't build from source on powerpc (at least)
#116820 hotkeys
Current version built against older libxosd segfaults, complains about font which is not what was specified anyway
#116068 lftp
segfaults on powerpc

I actaully sent the patch to the upstream maintainer. This bug report was just requesting that the fixed version be packaged.

#113128 wireless-tools
Configuration from /etc/network/interfaces
#106804 bsdmainutils
colcrt is b0rked
#103813 dhcp-client
dhcp-client segfaults on powerpc

I supplied the patch to fix this bug, which was one of the last things blocking the freeze of the base system for the woody release.

#103086 postfix-tls
Install fails without perl-modules
#103082 grub
update-grub doesn't detect /boot filesystem
#94115 w3m
w3m segfaults on PPC
#78445 syslog-ng
Segmentation fault on powerpc on startup
#64169 mutt
Can suspend in an Xterm