Withings Smart body analyzer

    On a trip to Best Buy, I picked up a Withings Smart Body Analyzer (WS50 A6), basically a scale with smart-phone connectivity. Setting it and the associated Android app has been a major pain.

    Connecting to the Smart Body Analyzer

    The app took what seemed to be ages to find and connect to my new scale. And it needed to do that twice; once when I initially opened the app, then again after I'd created and logged into my account.

    Account creation process

    They require entering a last name for the account, which should not be necessary.

    Even though I'm installing the app to connect to their smart scale, they required that I manually enter my weight. I ended up needing to make a guess which I later found out was way off.

    It also required entering my date of birth, which although I don't think it should be required I'd probably enter it anyway. But the UI for it was horrible. They used the standard Android calendar-based date entry widget, which works great for entering upcoming calendar entries, but tends to require a lot of scrolling to get to the right year when used for a date of birth.

    Then, once I'd finally entered all of that information, it pointlessly required me to login to the account that I'd just created. Even worse, it didn't make it clear that the account creation process was actually done.

    Logging data

    Even after (apparently) getting everything setup, the app still doesn't seem to be actually acquiring data from the scale. If I try to log data, it asks me for my weight using the wildly incorrect guess that I'd made as the default; actually it's off by 0.1 pounds, probably a result of being converted to kilograms and back.


    I tried using the feedback menu item in the app, and entered most of what I wrote above. Then when I tried to send it, I was told that there's a connectivity issue and I should try again later.


    I'll give the data logging another try tomorrow, in case it's not doing that correctly today because it's determined that it already has an entry for today. If it doesn't work, I'll likely uninstall the app and return the scale.